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Print Publications which have featured Dr. Sponaugle

ABC Action News
“According to the CDC, 300,000 cases of Lyme disease arise each year”

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine ( A4M) Physician Profile

USA Today 
 “Rapid Detox Breaks Drug Habits Quickly”

St. Petersburg Times
“Addiction Treatment”

LifeClinic Health News
“Rapid Detox Breaks Drug Habits Quickly”

The Tampa Tribune
“Pain Clinics Feeding Habit”

The Tampa Tribune 
“Rehab Centers Filled With Addicts Linked to Pain Clinics”

ABC Action News 
“Unique Detox Program – Detox While You Sleep”

ABC Action News
“Do Antidepressants Help Teens or Hurt Them?”

Good Housekeeping / Redbook / Woman’s Day 
 “A Potent Approach to Addiction”

Anti-Aging Medical News (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) 
“Anti-Aging / Longevity Medicine Reduces the Prevalence of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction”

ABC National News Network 
Chronic back pain patient undergoes revolutionary detoxification from pain medicine.

Associated Press National Coverage 
 Advanced detoxification technique reduces time away from work and family.

Tampa Tribune 
 Feature story

Orlando Sentinel 
 Feature story

Good Morning Tampa Bay 
 Revolutionary treatment gives back the life of a 55 year old  mother and wife addicted to Xanax and pain medications

ABC News 
 Channel 10, Tampa Bay Network News

NBC News 
Channel 8, Young mother with baby thankful for Florida Detox giving her life back

Bay News 9 
Tampa Bay, More scientific Detoxification for Pain Medication

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