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Dr. “Rick” Sponaugle is an integrative medicine physician who specializes in treating brain disorders. Recognized as a pioneer in addiction treatment, anti-aging medicine and treatment of Lyme disease, Dr. Sponaugle has been featured on Dr. Phil, the Suzanne Somer’s show, Ricki Lake, CNN Anderson Cooper, FOX News, ABC News, CBS News and NBC News, PBS and ESPN.


Interviews which have featured Dr. Sponaugle


Suzanne Sommers Show

Do you have an addictive Brain?


Dr. Phil Show

Dr Phil Refers Single Mothers to Florida Detox


PBS Brenda Watson

The Road to Perfect Health


ABC News

Can Antidepressants Make Teens and Adults Suicidal?


CNN Anderson Cooper

Revolutionary Addiction Treatment


ABC News

Detox from Opiate Painkillers While You Sleep


Fox News

New Detox Technique for Pain Pills


Rikki Lake

Advanced Heroin Detox


ABC News

Imagination Diet


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