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Travel Arrangements

Travel Information

Below you’ll find a list of icons to assist you in planning your trip to Sponaugle Wellness Institute. If you are looking for Lyme treatment in Florida, we have provided links to help you around. Located in Tampa Bay, our office is only 15 miles from the beautiful Clearwater Beach. Patients often desire to stay in a hotel on the beach, however, it is important to choose hotels that we believe are void of mold issues because 85% of our patients have HLA genetics that disallow them from removing mold toxins.


Places To Stay

hotel accomodations
A list of newer hotels in our area.

Flight Information

flight information
Useful flight information to and from Sponaugle Wellness Institute. Cheapest airline flights listed.


ground transportation information
Transportation services to and from SWI. Discounted rates are available. Please call us for more information.


tampa bay attractions
List of attractions throughout Tampa Bay including the Bay Area beaches and Busch Gardens themepark.

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